"Over the last 3 years, other seeds have grown under the shadow of Dignus and Matriu_.
Seeds less obvious, less pleasant seeds.
Seeds of prickly fruits. Visceral work. Contained tears, finally shed.
Hyde vs the scientist. The rough facing the polished. The matter vs the concept. The quotidian and its fragility".

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Using as lifeline the limitations that transform, in photography, any present into past (and obsessed with transcending this barrier), I investigated, over the last years, in something I call "reconstructive fragmentation", building imaginary landscapes in time but real in space.

In "reconstructions" I observe, analyze and photograph for hours one place to display urban portraits that reflect the passage of time; new references of a post-photographic landscape.

The artwork are composed of many pictures, independently printed, aged and fixed, with paraffin and microcrystalline wax, to give them durability.

Small timeless reflections, more pictorial than photographic, about the daily nature of urban landscape.