Here is something I bring with me from Cuba.
A deep sadness that lies in the folds and wrinkles of the skin, the brilliance and brightness of the eyes for the empty looks and the silences.
A repressed sadness, earned with years of frustration, impotence an almost perfect revolution, dehumanising,  that leaves no room for the individual.  A sadness contained and a fight against it, no shot shock of antidepressants, consumption for pleasure or party, but humour,  shots of humour y and an attitude to life, friendship, respect, work and values.

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1500 photos!  Where do I start?  Let us see........If you classify by series:  Havana, Nature, Portraits, homes, transport, colour, black and white......Ooof!

What is the essential element?  The people I have met on this trip.  Their stories.  What they have made me feel and what we have experienced together.  Their own lives, so far away from mine and yet so close in our coexistence.  

Okay.  So I go first to the portraits and I upload everything as long as I have time.