"Objects that keep the memories and the wounds of the lives they live.
Mementos that we have forgotten". 

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When do we stop loving something?

When do we stop caring for something and we abandon it?

Forgotten are portraits of objects that were important, that lived better lives before they were replaced by more modern versions, prettier and newer. Abandoned or sold, condemned to forgetfulness, or gifted not by the generosity of whom give presents but with the relief of whom gets rid of something that is bothering, forgetting how important they became for their owners.

This is my tribute to what we reject, replace and forget, my tribute to the memory.

These are portraits of the elderly that show the effect of age with no complexes, the wounds of time and life. Dust, rust, leaves, pieces that get lost, strings, webs…treated with respect and admiration for white hair, wrinkles, scars, naked gums or aging marks in the skin.

Toys which won’t be played with again, bicycles that won’t be ride, wines that will never be served…objects that will never be the same.

Things. Junks. Objects…People.

The forgotten begins as line of work within Fragments in September 2012, and it grows until it acquires its own identity to become an independent series on its own. Following the concept of images divided in parts, the object is divided in its essential elements, each one being photographed separately and then put together through photomontage using between 20 and 80 shots. By doing this I can create big scale photographs that are neat and clear and with a background depth and perspectives that I could not achieve with my technical resources otherwise.