"There’s less fear in Fragments, there’s less pain. Death and loss are not as present.
There is a certain interest for hibernation in the shape, in the format
and a need to stop exploring my visceral emotions and rest".

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Fragments begins in August 2011 and it basically means the end of Crystals. It is a research on shape modification through the interpretation, perspective and differentiation of the indispensable, important and accessorial parts of an image. Photography is an interpretation of reality, and the fragmentation is a metaphor of the parts that conform it, of our fragmented and partial vision, how we select what we want to see and ignore the rest.

The common grounds in which this series is developed rests upon the division of a picture in its most representative elements, keeping a rectangular format generally taken from just one negative (although not exclusively).

Fragments is about the evolution of interventions started in Crystals, from destruction to deconstruction, from the evolution of superficial modification to shape variations.

At the end it is just a creative resort, a new technique that is saved until a new image requires its use.