Three unique and exclusive artworks selected from "identity", my latest digital research project.
A nod to Sengai Gibon, to Munari, to the Bauhaus, to “Foundation” and Goolge Meet.
Three works that only exist as NFT (Non-Fungible Token).
Three works that only its owner can evolve, transmuting the token, into a physical work.
Thus the token does not disappear, it is irreversibly transformed into another one.
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I have always bet on physical work as an object of worship. 
Faced with liquid photography and the infinitely repeatable image, a material object, unique and stable over time. In the face of the avidity of consumption of images, something that will survive us in time.

Years of research and suddenly Blockchain and NFTs appear and, as with the evolution from analog to digital photography, a new universe of creative possibilities opens up before us.

I love the Blockchain and the possibility of real traceability, but I don’t want my collectors to give up my artwork as I have imagined it. I am not going to do without paper, ink, wood or seeing the picture change when the light in the room changes.

Well, we'll see what the system thinks ...